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Lots of amazing ASOIAF/GOT projects are being promoted right now, one of those, it's this amazing "Draw 'Em With the Pointy End: A Game of Thrones Art Book", created thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign:…
Many talented artists have created illustrations that will be featured in this unique volume, dedicated to the TV series and the books!
If you missed the Kickstarter, you can even buy the book and other merchandise related to the project, on this site:
Check it out and support all the great artists who took part!! ;)
(thanks to herringbonnes for the suggestion!!)


Also don't forget about the lovely project by Aesara-Dayne and lovelessdevotions!
The project consists of interviewing the outstanding ASOIAF/GOT fan artists and some official artists!
The idea was inspired by a similar project dedicated to Tolkien's fan artworks, but this time they wanted to give us, ASOIAF/GOT fans, the possibility to show our art and appreciation for Martin's world.

You can find the first two interviews here!! Check them out and promote this great project!
Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak IIn this first edition, we talk with Mathia Arkoniel, a veteran illustrator that is amongst the first fan artists to grace the ASOIAF fandom back in the days when the pool was smaller and the variety in styles and interpretations more reduced. She is an artist whose paintings capture the dynamic and sensual world that George R. R. Martin has crafted in his fantasy series. Her pieces are distinguished by a bold use of colour and polished rendering, and each one reveals an expressive emotional quality that highlights not only Mathia’s talent but a perceptive grasp of the source material, which we hope will be enlightening for artists and readers alike.

Illustrating Westeros: ASOIAF Artists Speak IIRichly detailed and darkly evocative, Bubug's ASOIAF artworks are not easily forgettable. Perhaps it is because of the humour and irony that permeates her pieces, easily making you laugh as they simultaneously captivate. Or the answer may lie in the many symbolic details that are weaved through the paintings: challenging our familiarity with these characters whilst deepening our appreciation. Whatever the reason, it is little wonder that Bubug's style and insight are cherished by so many in the fandom. 



Welcome to Illustrating Westeros, Bubug. To begin, tell us how you

And here are other reminders of cool activities by other members of our community! ^^
(if you want to be added to this journal, please send us a note! ;D Of course GoT/ASOIAF only news ;D)


Has a store on Etsy where she sells Game of Throne playing Cards and Portraits!
Check it out:…


Is selling some really beautiful A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones illustrations on her Esty store!
Go check them out here:…


Creates some really beautiful GoT/ASoIaF ceramics which you can see and buy on Etsy:
And if you want to know more about how she creates them, check out her YouTube Channel:…



Please remember:  WORKS CONTAINING COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS WON'T BE ACCEPTED due to deviantART's policy (so no wallpapers with the actors, screenshots from the tv series and so on). You can submit that kind of works to our FAVOURITES. Thanks! :rose:

:snowflake:FEATURED: this folder is for the highest quality works only and is not open for submissions. The works included in this folder will be directly selected by the staff.
:snowflake:ANIMATIONS and GIFs: for animated works only, but it HAS to move!!!
:snowflake:ARTWORKS - 3D: for 3D works (people, landscapes etc etc).
:snowflake:ARTWORKS - PAINTINGS AND DRAWINGS (the 1st is closed, use the 2nd): for any kind of traditional and digital illustration and drawing (anime, realistic, cartoon... any style!).
[I've moved all the works already in the gallery to this folder, so the first one is already full, please use "Paintings and Drawings 2" ^^ ]
:snowflake:COSPLAY: for single and group cosplay
:snowflake:CRAFT WORKS: for any kind of accessories, clothes, jewels and so on, ispired by GoT/ASOIAF you created!
:snowflake:FUN - COMICS AND MEME: for comics, Memes, demotivationals and in general works that include comic strips and balloons or that are meant to be funny.
:snowflake:GRAPHIC AND APPAREL DESIGN: works done for clothing and general design.
:snowflake:HOUSE BANNERS AND MOTTOS: all pics showing ONLY the house banners and mottos (Stark's Wokf: OK; Robb holding Stark's banner: NOT OK! ;))
:snowflake:ICONS STAMPS PIXEL: don't think there's much to say about this... it' for... icons, stamps and pixel works!
:snowflake:LITERATURE: for anything that's written: novel chapters, scores, quotes from the books...
:snowflake:PHOTOMANIPULATIONS: for all the photomanipulated works (but NO COPYRIGHTED material)
:snowflake:WALLPAPERS - RANDOM: for anything that doesn't belong to the other folders (like genealogy trees, random photos, make ups and more)

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